Martijn Lampert

Martijn Lampert

Co-Founder and Research Director of Glocalities

Martijn leads the Glocalities research program covering 32 countries, based on interviews with more than 230,000 people. He is fascinated by people’s drivers and has 2 decades of experience in values-based research and consultancy. Martijn and his team assist multinationals, NGO’s and governments to connect with audiences. He is a TEDx speaker and frequently publishes and lectures about international audiences, cross-cultural trends and purpose marketing.


The jester is a universal archetype, representing fun and living in the moment. Humour is widely used in marketing. But who really resonates with the jester around the world? Which lifestyles, aspirations and values are connected to people who like the jester?

Based on the annual worldwide Glocalities survey, Martijn Lampert will present unique learnings about the jester archetype and its fans for the first time. He will make the ‘’Jester journey’’ in real time, using the World of Glocalities app for understanding and activating audiences.