Nasser Al Kamouchi & Eva Manrique

Founder | Marketing Strategist at Whello

Nasser Al Kamouchi is one of the founders of online marketing agency Whello, and has years of experience on both the client and the agency side. A hands-on specialist with the latest knowledge about Marketing & Growth Hacking. Nasser will share his holistic view and discuss useful strategies that help you better understand the entire customer journey. His goal is to teach you how to get the most out of your marketing investment.

Eva Manrique has been a marketing strategist at Whello for a couple of years now. She helps companies achieve growth by brainstorming with the Whello team which online marketing channels to utilize. Creating online marketing strategies for clients is part of her day to day activities. Influencing the customer journey is a big part of this. During the lecture she and Nasser will teach you everything there is to know about this subject, so you can implement this knowledge in your own marketing strategy.


Why optimizing the customer experience is the biggest opportunity for businesses in 2020: 6 proven tactics and cases.

B2B and B2C marketers alike agree that optimizing the customer experience is one of the most exciting opportunities. Most companies feel they have some CX tactics in place, but no real customer experience strategy or capabilities in place to support one. So the question remains; how can you optimize your customer journey? We will discuss 6 proven tactics and support them with real life cases:

  • 1. From data-driven to data-informed: Know the value of interactions that aren’t conversions
  • 2. How to create clickbaits? (and why)
  • 3. Taking personalizing of your website to the next level (2.0)
  • 4. Use user generated content
  • 5. Omnichannel strategy: Don't not forget offline!
  • 6. Content creation based on what your target audience is actually asking